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8 months ago

Thank you for considering volunteering at Middle School! Volunteers are an important part of our school community and make a difference at school and in a student's life!

Summit Middle School needs your help with the activities  and events listed below. If you would like to serve on a committee, assist with an event, or help out in any way, please contact Nelle Biggs at:




Medical Screening


Help school nurse with screenings when needed


Tiger Store


Work in the school store before or after school 1-4x each month


Teacher Conference Meals



Provide a dish for Teacher Conference Meals or help to coordinate dishes.  Fall or Spring Conferences




Assist with tutoring during or after school


Staff Support


Classroom and office assistance for special projects when needed


Tiger Trot


Help with or participate in annual 5 K walk/run


Student Recognition Programs


Help administrate and coordinate “On the Right Track” program






Plan and implement “virtual fundraiser” or other fundraising





Process, shelve, repair books - your help is WELCOME and NEEDED anytime, any day! Please feel free to stop by the library any time you are in the building and have a few minutes. No training or special skills are needed!


Scholastic Book Fairs


Help organize our book fair displays and monitor student cashiers with Fall/Spring Book fairs.




Bulletin Boards


Maintain school and library bulletin boards


Intramural Coaches


Girls’ volleyball, coed soccer, boys’ and girls’ basketball



National History Day

Assist with organizing and/or judging exhibits


Read Across America


Help organize the activities on a reading celebration day





Help with Fall registration