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SMS Makerspace

The SMS Makerspace is a place where students can engage in the prototype phase of the design cycle.

How to Access the Makerspace

  1. Schedule up to 3 block periods in the Makerspace per design project. Reserve the room on Google Calendar.

  2. Review the orientation slides.

  3. Present the orientation slides to your class (10-20 min)

  4. Have your students complete the first two steps of the design cycle in your classroom, including the spec sheet.

  5. Come to the Makerspace for student prototyping and creating!

Call the library to walk through the process at anytime, #1249.
Email JuliaBecca, or Tessi with questions

Contact Us

Dr. Rebecca Kaplan, Library Information Specialist 970.368.1242
Tess Rowe, Library Substitute 970.368.1249

Julia Schock, Technology Support Specialist 970.368.1290
Nick Clements, Technology Support Specialist 970.368.1290