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Maureen Flannagan, M.Ed
6th Grade Counselor
(970) 368-1229

Julie Comstock, M.Ed
7th Grade Counselor
(970) 368-1228

Kimberly Dyer, M.Ed
8th Grade Counselor
(970) 368-1282


The first step to getting what you want out of life is this:

Decide what you want.  

-Ben Stein


Summit Middle School offers a comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of all students. We provide individual, group, and crisis counseling, as well as consultative services. Providing a combination of direct and indirect services is the best way to help all students reach their potential.


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Counselors provide many other services including:

Career and College Planning Conflict Mediations Crisis Intervention Transitions - Preparing 5th Graders and 8th Graders for entering a new building Master scheduling with administration Registration for new students Schedule Changes

Consultative Services

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Counselors meet weekly with each of their grade level teaching teams to discuss student concerns. The goal of these meetings is to identify interventions to help your child achieve success at school. Counselors can schedule meetings with the teaching team and parents in order to provide an opportunity for everyone to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the student and help the student become more successful in school.


Counselors are available to consult with parents regarding social/emotional or academic concerns and make referrals to community resources, if necessary.


The counseling team meets weekly with the building principal and vice principals to consult on individual student cases, as well as address building-wide concerns and issues.


The counselors serve on many community committees to share the perspective of Summit County youth.

Counseling Services

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Individual Services
Counselors are available to meet with students for personal, academic, social, or emotional issues.


Group Services
Peer support groups are available to all students as part of our guidance curriculum. The purpose of our groups is to provide a setting for kids to talk to other kids about problems they may have in common. Groups usually meet once a week and run for approximately eight weeks. See your counselor for more information.


Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives. Counselors work with students and teach them strategies to resolve conflicts they may have with friends or classmates.


Classroom Guidance
Counselors deliver lessons in the classroom as needed on various topics such as social/emotional learning, character education and career awareness.


Listed below are some examples of groups that are currently being offered or have been offered in the past.  The types of groups offered are based on the needs of students and also student interest.


Stress Busters
Are you stressed out about homework? Do you feel overwhelmed often? Is it hard to balance all of the things going on in your life? Then this group is perfect for you! Learn how to manage your stress levels better.


Changing Families
This group is for students whose parents are not together (separated or divorced).  Students will share thoughts and insights about what it's like to have parents split up and how to adapt to and accept new family members (i.e. step-parents/siblings).


Have you just moved to Summit County and need a little help finding the right kids to hang out with? Or have you been here for a while and wonder why you have trouble meeting, making and/or keeping friends? Then join this group to learn how to look for good characteristics in a friend and to practice behaviors to help you meet, make and keep friends.


Study Skills

Do you have trouble getting your homework turned in, can't settle down to study at home or get very nervous about taking tests?  If so, then the Study Skills group might be exactly what you need.  You'll learn how you learn best, as well as more efficient organization skills and also make some new friends.