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Asst. Principal - Ms. Biggs



Hi SMS community!  Thank you all for being contributing members to this very important developmental stage in our children's lives.  Early adolescence is a time of huge change and growth in our identities.  We, as the adults in the lives of young people, have the opportunity to help them develop their sense of self.  Middle school students are starting to see their impact on the world, and it’s our chance to show them how to become a positive influence.  Middle school is a time to stand alongside our students and develop their sense of innovation, empathy, and hope.  

Follow my blog for more fun facts about early adolescence!  

I am looking forward to continuing to improve our community and welcome in anyone that would like to be a contributing member of the SMS team, as a parent, community member, or staff member.  Thank you for your continued support of our students.

My Educational Mission:

I am here because, as an educational leader, I have the power to create change.  I will collaborate with staff, students and the community to develop a school that encourages both students and staff to become problem solvers, innovators, as well as socially and emotionally aware.

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