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Summit Middle School Dismissal Resources

2 months ago

Summit Middle School is dedicated to connecting with students and continuing their education during dismissal.  We are working hard to adjust and tweak our new learning platforms to best meet the needs of students and families.  Below you will find information around the structures we have set up for students as well as communication that has gone out to both guardians and students.

Thank you for your support and for being an important member of the SMS community.

All students need to attend their weekly advisory - Wednesday at 10:30am.


All students are working with an advisory teacher to help them be successful distance learners.  Advisory teachers will be checking in with students daily, hosting a weekly zoom meeting, and be the point person between families and teachers.  Students will be working on developing self management skills as well as providing opportunities for social connections.

Each Wednesday will be an advisory day.  All students will be required to attend a weekly advisory meeting on Wednesdays at 10:30.  Students will also have the opportunity for academic support, SMS Reads, and/or social clubs on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for details on social clubs!

Office Hours

Each teacher will be hosting office hours M, T, Th, F for students to have an opportunity to check in virtually.  Teachers may also use this time to deliver virtual lessons.  See this document to see the schedule of the office hours.  Students and families will also receive the links and passwords for the office hours via email and/or text.  

Please have your students utilize office hours for questions they may have.

Weekly Schedule

All teachers are committed to pushing out assignments by 8:00am each day.  We will be following the following weekly schedule.

Monday: Green Day

Tuesday: White Day

Wednesday: Advisory Day          

Thursday: Green Day

Friday: White Day

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Community Service & Action

5 days ago

Service and Action At SMS

Students learn to choose to act, and to reflect on their actions, so that they contribute to their own well-being and that of the community and their environment.

-International Baccalaureate Standard D1


How many hours are required?   

Each student has the opportunity to complete community service hours and receive credit for their hours.  We build upon the hours each year to prepare the students for their Personal Project in their Sophomore year. 

Bronze: 10-14 hours

Silver: 15-19 hours

Gold: 20+ hours

 Any student can achieve any level, but we encourage 6th graders to shoot for Bronze, 7th graders for Silver and 8th graders for Gold.

How is the Summit-Lake Dillon Optimist Club involved?
The Summit-Lake Dillon Optimist Club partners with Summit Middle School to recognize students that do four or more hours within a quarter with a reward during lunch.  The Optimist Club also organizes interviews of the students twice a year to honor those that have gone above and beyond for their community.  Students are chosen by teachers on the basis of their character and intrinsic kindness and helpfulness to others.  Student winners are awarded a special certificate and interviewed for Summit County Television.  Thanks to the Optimists, these rewards are a wonderful way to celebrate some of the caring, principled young people who are contributing to our community and "making the world a better place."

Where are details about possible projects?
As long as the three guidelines below are followed, students may be as creative as they'd like.
Guidelines for service projects:
1. The service involves time and personal energy as opposed to money. 
2. The service benefits organizations, areas or individuals with a legitimate, not-for-profit need.

3. The service has an impact outside one's family and household.

Many students volunteer in their schools, religious organizations, at the animal shelter, county libraries or design their own projects to benefit the community.

When is the deadline?
Students need to have the hours in for the quarterly reward by the end of the quarter.  For the 4th quarter celebration, students will need to have it in 10 days before the end of the year.
Where can we find the reflection forms?  
Forms are located at SMS on the community service bulletin boards and in front of the Main Office.  You can also access it by clicking here: SERVICE AS ACTION Reflection FORMStudents must complete this and turn it in to the MYP coordinator to earn credit for service hours.  It is not graded but should demonstrate thoughtfulness.  A parent or the project supervisor needs to sign the bottom of the form for accountability.

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