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  • At the start of the school year in August, students will return to school with their Chromebook. Please make sure that the repairs and functionality of the device have been resolved prior to the first day of school.  
  • If you no longer plan to attend school at Summit School District, please drop your Chromebook off at the Administration Building in Frisco.
  • Phone support is available for help.  Please call 970-368-1888 Monday through Thursday during regular business hours.
  • Do you have other questions about your Chromebook? Check out the latest news and access repair info:
  • One2World Student Device Handbook

The Mission of Summit Middle School is to develop caring learners.

Our Vision is to create a better world, one student at a time.

Please check the SMS Events Calendar for upcoming dates for all sports and activities

Refer to School Information for Green/White Schedule 

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